Pule Morobi: tutor today, principal of the future?

Pule Morobi and tutor team
Tutor Pule Morobi is a team leader at Kumalo Primary School, where he brings passion to the classroom.

When Pule Morobi arrived for a job interview back in 2018, he had set his mind on becoming a JumpStart tutor. The interviewing team noticed his neat dress and polite manner. Two years later, he’s excelling as a team leader at Kumalo Primary School, and here is his story!

An introduction

“Pule understands what JumpStart is all about,” said Project Coordinator, Zintle Makumsha. “He finds thoughtful ways to assist other interns when they struggle to explain an activity or to handle difficult learners. He has good class management skills, and learners listen to him.” Pule is also a facilitator for the Robotics & Coding programme. We caught up with him to find out how his ideas have expanded in the last couple of years.

What are your career goals?

After completing various courses in Robotics, Information and Communication Technology and Small Business Operation, I am back at the books! I’m currently a second year Bachelor of Education student at UNISA, and grateful for support from NSFASWhen my contract finishes at JumpStart, I hope to have my degree. It’s great to have the opportunity to work in the classroom, because I’m in the field, so to speak. I can relate to what I’m studying. It’s good to be with teachers, so I can learn from them. My goal is to become a qualified teacher and I see myself teaching in a traditional location school. That’s where you’ll find the learners who really need assistance. They are the kids who are struggling. If you can children in desperate need, that’s where I belong. Long term, my big dream is to become a school principal. I see myself that way!

Getting into the groove as an educator

I was unemployed when a friend’s mother told me that JumpStart was looking for tutors. I sent an email with all the required documents. Fortunately, I made the interview shortlist. I learned through the process what Jumpstart does, and why. I appreciate the long term vision for education, and the opportunities for further study.

Changing the idea that maths is “hard”

I have gained significant tutoring and leadership skills on this programme. This helps me produce results in the classroom. JumpStart tutors first need to love their job, and feel a burning desire for teaching. Tutors must be willing to change their minds, to learn new methods that better suit the learners’ needs. You must do whatever you can to contribute positively towards learner’s experience of education. Ultimately, by simplifying the complexities, you can change the idea that maths is hard.

Support educators of the future like Pule Morobi

The JumpStart Foundation Trust is a Public Benefit Organisation accelerating South African youth into the digital economy through education, qualification and employment. Your support for tutors like Pule Morobi will help us reach that goal. A StudyAssist bursary could be a way of meeting your skills development obligations according to the Revised B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice. Email Betty Oliphant for more information.

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