JumpStart aims to have an impact on South Africa’s future generations by delivering quality programmes for our beneficiaries, and by developing successful models that influence how education is delivered within the schooling system. All our programmes are underpinned by rigorous, technology-enabled M&E so that we can accurately gauge and monitor our programme outcomes and impact.

Following the second external evaluation of the results of JumpStart Primary schools maths programme between 2016 and 2019, we are confident that we have a replicable model for early grade maths that will significantly improve maths learning outcomes for learners in South Africa. Click here to read the independent evaluator’s report.

"JumpStart's aim has always been to focus on where there is the greatest need and then to develop interventions that work in our unique context and can be scaled within the broader education system. Analysis of the results of the internationally recognised maths assessments that we have performed on an extensive sample of our learners over the past 5 years, against a control group, show that it is possible to change mathematics learning outcomes over a short timeframe. We are excited about what this could mean for South African learners."

Callen Hodgskiss, JumpStart General Manager

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