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We transform underperforming classrooms into centers of mathematical competence. We couple sound pedagogical content and methodology, real-time M&E, blended learning, concerted mentoring, and teacher support in the classroom into a solid model for learner improvement.


“ A strong sense of number is at the heart of being able to do mathematics ” - Aarnout Brombacher

Over a million workbooks have been deployed to classrooms across South Africa. The NumberSense workbooks were incubated in South African classrooms over many years seeking to give learners practical worksheets in approaching mathematics as a problem solving activity. Adopting modern mathematics teaching pedagogy and curriculum alignment, the books address the core "sense of number" central to understanding mathematics. Research affirms that there are proven critical skills that are indicators of future success and these are what the books focus on. Having evaluated many programmes over the years we have adopted the NumberSense, both it's paper and digital mobile workbooks, as central to the JumpStart methodology.

Please read why we work with NumberSense.


A much under utilised resource in South Africa is the many unemployed youth as yet not able to enter the job market. It is these young adult interns that bring a renewed energy into our classrooms with one-on-one focused tutoring of our learners. The JumpStart Programme affords the interns tertiary study opportunity. A tertiary study fund enables our interns to further their studies while they work within the Foundation. Their work incorporates mentoring into the digital economy with the managing of pop-up classrooms, digital literacy, mathematics and robotic solutions. The interns track the monitoring & evaluation of learner progress instantly via a suite of mobile apps and cloud dashboards. Far from being a "gap year" the tutor programme is a synergy of job creation, education transformation and future skills development.


We walk closely with our teachers, mentoring and partnering with the workbooks and facilitating formal teacher training. It doesn't take long for the programme to impact on our teacher's own understanding of mathematics. We alleviate the burden of reaching every child in oversized classrooms giving visibility to the classes' performance.


We blend paper with digital learning methods and mobile applications. We have digital numeracy and literacy pilots being evaluated across select schools within the programme and are incubating robotics labs in partnership with local private and public schools and institutions. All programmes are digitally monitored to real-time dashboads for critical evaluation against learning outcomes, operational progress and remedial areas of support.


Through JumpStart's sister programme, the Software Labs, we've learned the impact and opportunity afforded by critical skill development. It is this experience we bring to bear in the robotics and EdTech labs.


The JumpStart Network: Volunteers, Partners and Sponsors
We have the privilege of working with industry subject matter experts, conscientious social impact organisations and private individuals who have consistently supported our work as well as mentored and challenged us along the way. Truly we are not alone. Thank you.


NumberSense is developed in the early years of schooling. Having a strong sense of number means:

  • Being able to work fluently and flexibly with numbers and number concepts.
  • Having a rich understanding of the meaning of number.
  • Having a wide range of effective strategies for solving a large variety of number problems.

You can read more about NumberSense from the NumberSense website.


JumpStart actually evolved out of a sister programme, the Software Labs, founded in 2002, which has trained and deployed over 500 software engineers into the IT market. It is this initiative that prompted us to bring these similar principals of empowerment, education and technology to bear into our schools and in 2010 we piloted our first mathematics initiatives in local primary schools. Noting early success we have since refined the model and scaled to over 46 schools, 20000 learners and over 100 employed interns across four provinces. And we remain committed to our key drivers: Educate - Qualify - Employ. Everything is #thinkingforward to this eventuality, always working with the end in mind. Ours is a long term vision.

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