Play your part on International Earth Day

Today is International Earth Day and the COVID-19 pandemic has certainly given us all pause of thought. How can we make a difference to the Earth that is our only home? What can we do to help restore her? All members of the JumpStart team strive to contribute to sustainability efforts as much as possible.

For the last year the world has rushed to online communication and education. This changed our lives beyond our wildest dreams, saving many air flights and other transportation costs. Undoubtedly, a positive benefit, but did you know that online technology has an environmental impact?

This Euro News article emphasises the need for a holistic approach when evaluating our environmental impact. It features the Purdue University study that estimates that one videoconferencing hour “emits between 150 and 1000 grams of carbon dioxide. It also uses up to 12 litres of water and an area of land around the size of an iPad mini.” By turning off your video during an online call, you can reduce your environmental impact by up to 96%! Who knew?

This reduction happens because the extra data used for a video call has to go through data centres and uses other internet infrastructure. At JumpStart, we work to reduce our data consumption as much as possible while still equipping our learners and tutors with the tools that they need to build firm mathematics foundations.

Help us help the planet today by doing something to make the Earth a more sustainable home for all!

Cover image courtesy of Noah Buscher on Unsplash

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