Celebrating global partners on World Education Day

World Education Day
On World Education Day we celebrate the support we received from the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation.

On World Education Day South African children should be polishing their school shoes and sharpening their pencils… Instead they await a delayed return to school.

Today we give thanks to those who have gone the extra mile during the pandemic to minimise the effects of disrupted education. We join hands with the 1.6 billion students around the globe who are weathering the unprecedented disruption of learning due to COVID-19. Those who have helped are the lifeblood of progress!

Going the extra mile

Many parents and educators have extended themselves beyond what they thought was possible. Without their input, children and youth could have fared significantly worse. We are especially grateful to those who have extended financial, emotional and logistical support. To this end, our key funder, the Michael & Susan Dell Foundation (MSDF) has been a game changer for the JumpStart Foundation. Since 2018, MSDF has supported our NumberSense programme in the Ekurhuleni South District, southeast of Johannesburg. We acknowledge our colleagues in the Gauteng Department of Education who work with us to optimise learning outcomes.

A fighting chance with MSDF

Their support has enabled us to give some 90 interns on our programme a fighting chance at completing their own tertiary education. In 2021 we will continue to support the 20 000 foundation phase learners enrolled in our primary school mathematics programme. Additionally, we will be expanding the programme in order to impact another six schools in the district.

South Africa’s education crisis in mathematics education looms large, however with MSDF’s support JumpStart has been able to make a small, but significant, start in changing the future for foundation phase learners in Ekurhuleni South. Our StudyAssist programme helps young school leavers to develop skills as assistant teachers, while completing their qualifications. When schools have been shuttered during lockdown, our tutors have been instrumental in assisting parents to implement home learning.

Read what our sponsors are saying about our programme here:

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