JumpStarts’s ambassadors for peace on International Day of Peace

International Day of Peace (established in 1981) by the United Nations General Assembly is celebrated around the world to strengthen the ideals of peace. At JumpStart we share the vision of promoting a peaceful and sustainable world. We asked our tutors what peace means to them and received some splendid words of wisdom. Six young people shared their vision and commitment to promoting peace in their communities.

Landiwe Mahlamba, Luhutso Primary School

I’ve found that forgiveness gives me peace. I don’t want to waste time nursing grudges, and I want to see people around me happy and supporting each other. On International Day of Peace, I commit to creating peace in the world by being a good listener with the goal of understanding. I believe in helping others when you can, like your neighbour with groceries or clothes. Hunger and poor economic conditions often leads to criminal behaviour. It’s very painful to see someone go to jail because of something preventable. Meditating with friends and neighbours will set me free to experience peace.

Being a maths tutor, I promote a positive relationship between learners and teachers. They had a negative attitude towards maths before, but with the help of their teachers, everything started to go smoothly. Learners were not performing well on their NumberSense activities. They needed someone to push them, and by doing that, I also gained confidence. I am starting to fall in love with teaching because I have learned a lot from my learners. Education will help them get far as long we have patience with them. We are helping them to build a better future. It’s our job to help learners transform their mindsets and rebuild social relations.

Power of education

Education is a key to turn weaknesses into strengths. Educated people understand how valuable it is to live in a stable and secure community. They think before they act recognising that everything has its consequences. They are not depending on or blaming the government to bring change in their lives and realise that they have the power to take steps to express their feelings and use their knowledge to act. Education gives you the power to contribute to your family and society in various aspects and fields. You can’t only think about yourself but act to benefit other people’s lives.

Roseline Mpholoane, Mampudi Primary School

I find peace by being true to myself, and accepting life is uncertain and watching over my thinking. I make the world more peaceful by showing and teaching children how to be kind to vulnerable people, like those who might be homeless, living with disabilities, older people and anyone else that appears different to them.

Modise Thelingoane (23), Keketso Primary School

Nothing in the world could give me peace like seeing all humankind living in harmony in a healthy and friendly environment. Like everyone else, I believe I have a huge purpose to fulfil in this lifetime. I had the privilege of surrounding myself with many peaceful people who are my role models. They share their knowledge about how we can have peace. I want to share this knowledge with as many people as I can so that they can go on share it with others. Teaching people to respect others no matter their age, race, gender, or wealth. 

The key element towards success is having peace. As future leaders we must work to bring joy and happiness in the world. I want to teach the learners at Keketso Primary school that they can break that chain of poverty in our community through hard work and dedication. When it’s all said and done, you can have all the money in the world but Peace does not cost a cent.

Avela Sechabe (26), Isaac Mhlambi Primary School

What brings me peace is the positive impact I make on others, especially the young learners that I teach. Seeing them do better brings me great joy. I would teach people that if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go with others. It’s important for me to teach my learners to always give a helping hand to others. I believe that this should be taught at school, start by teaching children and make this a tradition to them.

Young children imitate their elders. Whatever they see elders do they believe it’s the right way of doing things. If we become a good example to them, they will follow our lead.

Cecilia Matlhlakane

I find a lot of peace in my Christian faith. It empowers me to love people and be an agent of peace in the world. I try to create peace in the world by being helpful to other people. During my birthday month, I collect clothes and give them out to those in need. I think that the world would be more peaceful if we had more women in powerful political positions. One of the ways I contribute to a peaceful society is by living a simple life.

Hlengiwe Ngcobo (31), Mampudi Primary School

I’ve found that adopting an attitude of gratitude gives me a lot of peace. I try to contribute to peace in the world by connecting with others.  One of the true joys of life is sharing life with others and knowing that others “get” you. We feel less alone and feel understood which allows a fantastic sense of well-being regardless of where we come from.

Mashidiso Makumbe (29), Mampudi Primary School

I find peace by accepting my background, and accepting that life is uncertain. The way that I contribute to peace in the world is by teaching learners to accept how they are. I try to instil a good sense of self-esteem in whatever situation they have or will face in their lives.

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