Our models address Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths related challenges in the country while also tackling underlying problems of youth unemployment and community growth. If you would like to sponsor a school(s) or help us scale up our programme, there are a number of ways you can support us.

What we offer

Help our foundation grow

Your gift will help us to expand our work in transforming underperforming classrooms into centres of maths and science excellence.

Information for Organisations in South Africa

  • We have partnered with qualified BBBEE advisors to optimise your investment and help you to achieve your BBBEE targets under 3 BBBEE elements
    • Skills Development Element - sponsoring bursaries or learnerships for our youth will score you points across the Skills Development scorecard and you can claim both employee tax incentives and s12 (h) tax incentives to offset the cost of your investment.
    • Socio-Economic Development - All aspects of our programme can qualify as Socio-Economic Development contributions on your scorecard.
    • Youth Employment Service - Sponsoring a 12 month stipend to employ interns could improve your overall BBBEE by 2 levels under the recent YES legislation.
  • S18a Deduction - We are a registered PBO and can issue section 18(a) tax certificates for donations received so that you can obtain an income tax deduction.
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