Data and data technologies are at the heart of JumpStart’s success. We have a variety of tools to monitor learner progress, improve programme performance, support decision making, as well as to engage and provide transparency to stakeholders.

Trialogue- MTN Awards for Social Change to encourage and reward good M&E practice in the non-profit sector

"JumpTrak lets me drill down to the level of every learner on any given day – even in large classes. I can quickly see who is struggling, and who is ready to move on to the next problem. Using the app on my tablet has shown me how online platforms can be used by companies, NGOs and even government."

JumpStart Intern, Sasolburg, 2019.

"JumpStart assessed 300 of our Grade 8 learners in 2019, which showed us that our learners are more tech savvy than we assumed. We now know ICT skills are well in place in our school, and what gaps exist. Schools, teachers and pupils must embrace tech and JumpStart helps to show us how."

Peter Arendse, Deputy Principal, Oosrand Secondary, Reiger Park, 2019.

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