Hands up for education on Human Rights Day

Hands up for education on Human Rights Day
Hands up for education on Human Rights Day!

On Human Rights Day we commemorate those who gave their lives for a democratic South Africa, and reflect on some of the challenges that educators, learners and parents face. We acknowledge the tutors, teachers and our programme staff who count amongst the so many who work to ensure that quality learning takes place in mathematics.

Goal 4 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda

The JumpStart Foundation participates in the goal of promoting “education for all”, which is part of the Sustainable Development Goal 4. The Goal aims to: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote life-long learning opportunities for all“.  Our work helps to ensure that all children in our programme are numerically competent by the time they complete Grade 3. This achievement improves the likelihood of their completing their secondary education, and empowers learners to contribute to the progress of the country as they experience meaningful work.

What the experts say

In a recent Mail & Guardian webinar sponsored by Amnesty International South Africa a panel of experts came together to explore the current reality of education in South Africa. Their report reflects, amongst other things, how Covid-19 has impacted learning in low-income areas.

Researcher and Advisor, Iain Byrne, and Executive Director, Shenilla Mohamed, co-authored the article ‘The government needs to put human rights at the heart of education policy’. They conclude that this is necessary so that all children “regardless of their status and circumstances, can benefit from a decent education and the life opportunities it can bring.”

Language and culture

Central to the Bill of Human Rights is the right “to use the language of their choice”. JumpStart uses NumberSense workbooks and teaching materials published in English, Afrikaans, isiXhosa, isiZulu, Setswana and Sesotho, deferring always to each school’s individual language use policy.

Make a difference on Human Rights Day

Can you help us help South African learners this Human Rights Day and every day?

The JumpStart team continues the work of transforming South Africa’s underperforming classrooms into centres of excellence. Please email Betty Oliphant to learn how your contribution will impact the progress that we are making. Donate here to help young learners to enjoy their basic human right to foundation phase mathematics excellence.

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