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Keneuwe Lisenyane

Singing and StudyAssist drives Keneuwe’s hope

JumpStart tutor, Keneuwe Lisenyane, sits on a low brightly coloured plastic chair at Buyani Primary, near Lenasia. One, two, three, four, five, once I caught a fish alive… As she sings, she holds up her fingers one by one. The semi-circle of grade one learners leans in to her, bright-eyed and hopeful. They hold up their fingers too, joining in, copying her, singing along beside her. Inspiring trust and curiosity “To inspire their trust and curiosity about you, and about numbers, you must get down to their level, both physically and emotionally,” she says, explaining her teaching philosophy. “JumpStart teaches us how to educate young children using different tools and tricks.” A natural educator with a vast thirst for knowledge, Keneuwe remembers a childhood game. “We used to play school-school with my older sister, but in the game she was a cruel teacher who threatened to beat me. I knew I could do better, and […]

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