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Lego League competition: township pre-teens plan a hospital

Saturday morning and school shoes? Tick! Red T-shirt and jeans? Tick! Brightly coloured LEGO kits and a fancy bus? Tick! So it started, with 40 future JumpStart scientists and engineers getting ready, set, go…. They headed to UNISA with great excitement for the FIRST LEGO League Challenge. Last year, the JumpStart Robotics team merely observed the 2018 National FLL Robotics competition. This year, they arrived in Pretoria, with serious work to do. Future scientists and engineers at work Inside their backpacks they had folded their scheme for a brand new, spanking new hospital. So too, the architectural drawings alongside their LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Core kits. Child’s play certainly looks different these days… The competition against Johannesburg’s elite private schools was a little daunting, but these township learners took it in their stride. Project Manager, Daniella Lekgau, supervises and coordinates The JumpStart Foundation Robotics lab. She ensures that the fifth and sixth graders who travel in […]

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