The JumpStart Schools

The JumpStart Schools

JumpStart's primary emphasis is in Numeracy and Mathematics programs in Primary school mathematics. We focus on teacher training, learning in foundational mathematics and ICT software solutions for scale.

JumpStart is working in 12 Primary Schools in Gauteng and the Free State.

These programs target teacher training, learner tutoring, running of Maths computer center "Maths Labs" and sponsoring the JumpStart Maths Awards every year for member learners and teachers.

JumpStart’s school programs are focused in the area of Maths and Science. Follow the inserts to your right to read more about the schools themselves.

The core programs are:-

  • Maths tutoring for Learners with in-class or extra lessons
  • Teacher development using the Mindset education material
  • Running of Computer Centers for Maths using the excellent MathsBuddy online software
  • The Maths Holiday Clubs during the holidays

In the Primary School we support the Number Sense Workbooks from Grades 00 through to Grade 7. The Number Sense is proving to be instrumental in bridging the number divide in South African schools.

The Maths Labs are software enabled computer centers that enable learners additional Maths teaching via videos and exercises. The software, called The MathsBuddy, covers the entire curriculum. It also enable teacher and tutors to manage structured extra maths progress via detailed tasks and reporting. Parents can also view their child's progress in realtime . The computer labs are supported by JumpStart staff and learner training is provided to kick start the Lab’s use efficiently.

We run these Maths Labs during school, after hours and during the holidays.

Click here to view a list of all the schools currently on the JumpSchools program.