The JumpStart Schools


JumpStart is an non-Profit and Public Benefit Organisation working primarily to improve Mathematics in Primary Schools.

We currently support +/-13 000 learners across 19 Schools in the Free State and in Gauteng.

We have developed digital eLearning mobile solutions to help us scale our work to reach more learners and to enable us to monitor the programme progress in near-real time.

The SARS NPO and TAX Exemption certificates can be viewed by clicking here. Jumpstart was founded in 2002.

Education is key to the future of South African youth prospects of employment as well as South Afica's future well being.

Practical, quality well tried interventions with content and subject matter experts.

Software digital, mobile and cloud solutions to help scale and monitor the progress.

The legacy of Apartheid in South Africa has left a deep scare on our education and empowerment outlook for the majority of South Africans that cannot be overlooked or underestimated. It will take focussed and decisive engagement to address the inequality in our country and to rectify this imbalance.

We aim to

  • Improve learner education and teacher competence, with a focus on mathematics and technology.
  • We run a numeracy intervention in Primary Schools in partnership with the Number Sense team and with the Department of Basic Education to work with Teachers and Learners in mathematics.
  • The Number Sense numeracy intervention in Primary Schools.